• My Princess and Me Sashes

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    We are happy to partner with the St. PJ's Children's Home for the 2017 My Princess and Me event.

    Let us create the perfect sash for you and your daughter for this event.  We can embroider your sash in your favorite color to coordinate with your gown.  Our sashes are topped with our beautiful signature jeweled tiara.

    We will donate 25% of each sash sold for the My Princess and Me event to St. PJ's Children's Home.

    This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this special event together and have a special sash to commemorate the event.

    Here are examples of pretty sashes:

    Princess (Your First Name) - For Example - Princess Taylor

    Queen (Your First Name) - For Example - Queen Rhonda


    Duchess (Your First Name) - For Example - Duchess Ashley

    Lady (Your First Name) - For Example - Lady Diana